Thrill the World 2013

It’s time to start getting ready to Thrill Morgantown – Thrill the World 2013

Save the Date!
Thrill the World – Thrill Morgantown 2013
World Thrill Time is Saturday, October 26, 2013, 4 PM, EST!

Live lessons are now scheduled (see here)

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Zombie DancerThrill Morgantown is our local participation in the annual Thrill The World GLOBAL event, we will be participating in the simultaneous global dance for the first time. Numerous zombie workshops and flash mobs are scheduled to prepare for the event.

Learning the dance is easy using the method created by the event’s creator Ines Markeljevic. Locally people can attend Zombie Workshops, which is a great way to make new friends and have fun. In addition free YouTube videos and a DVD (for purchase) are available to learn the dance at home. If you’re interested in being an official dancer on Thrill Day simply sign-up and learn the dance.

In addition to dancing you can also simply come out to enjoy the event and watch the dance. We are also looking for event volunteers to help prepare for the event and on Thrill Day. We are also still in need of flash mob volunteers who want to show off their skills at various locations before Thrill Day. (email us at  to sign-up)

Experiencing the event itself is “thrilling” for both dancers and on-lookers. It is, after all, an attempt to top a world record, dancing with a crowd of people, knowing that thousands of other people all over the world are dancing at the same time. With each refrain, and when Vincent Price starts his rap, the energy in the crowd is palpable. Of course, the audience hooting it up also helps the excitement and the fun. Best of all, it’s a family friendly event that brings together all sorts of people. Differences fade away and we all just celebrate the love of music, dance and having fun!

Thrill the World

Thrill The World ( is an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of “Thriller” for world records, charity, and tribute to Michael Jackson. Created by Ines Markeljevic, Presented by

In order to participate you must learn the dance EXACTLY is it is choreographed for this event – it is NOT the same as the music video.

You can learn the dance on your own by watching the videos and using the DANCE SCRIPT or attend LIVE dance workshops.
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